Mortuary Chamber

Mortuary Chamber RSTI-128 Series

Mortuary Chamber RSTI-128 Series
Used for storing cadaverous under low temperature cool conditions in order prevent decomposition. The chamber is constructed in double wall. The interior of the chamber is made of stainless steel and the exterior is made out of mild steel and elegant looks with PUFF insulation in between. Space saving design with front opening door. The door is fitted on the chamber by heavy -duty hinges and nickel plated handle with locking arrangement. Gasket on the door . The chamber is fitted with castor wheels for ease of mobility.
Heavy duty trays made of stainless steel for holding cadaver with full extension with handles on both ends. The trays are easily movable on nylon rack rollers for easy movability.
CFC free refrigeration unit, to maintain temperature range of 2°C to 5°C. Unit Is fitted with Dual Display Microprocessor PID Digital Temprature Indicator cum Controller with audio/visual temperature deviation alarms. To work on 220/230 V AC. supply.

Mortuary Chambers are available are in following capacities :
Mortuary Chamber-RSTI-129
* Single Body
* Two Bodies
* Three Bodies
* Four Bodies
* Six Bodies

Mortuary Chamber RSTI-129 Series
Used for storing cadaverous under very low temperature cool conditions in order to preserve organs/body for long time.
General specifications same as RSTI-128, but the temperature range is-10 to -20C.
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