Multi Head Observation

Deca Headed Microscope RXLr-5 Series

Deca Headed Microscope RXLr-5 Series
1. IS60 Infinity 60mm Optical System
2. 10x/25mm Eyepiece for main observer with Trinocular 3 Position Head
3. 10x/22mm Eyepiece 18Nos for Binocular Heads with Diapotric
4. 10 Head Bridge with Dual Color Pointer
5. INFINITY PLAN 2x, 4x,10x,40x & 100x Oil Objectives (60mm Parfocal)
6. Swing Out Abbe Condenser 0.9/1.25
6. 12v/100watt Koehler Illumination
7. Eco Switch with IR Sensor for Auto Cutoff
8. Sextuple Nosepiece with Slot for DIC
9. Rotating Stage with Scratch Resistant Amoled Glass
10 Built in 4 ND filters