Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope

Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope PRM-15

Observation Screen - 200mm graduated screen, built-in Fresnel lens, loop and arrow arrangement and coaxial mechanical stage of size 135X120mm.
Projection Microscope PRM-15
Nosepiece - Quadruple revolving nosepiece
Magnification - Provide magnification from 125x to 1000x.
Illumination - Halogen lamp 12 volts, 100 watts, workable on 220V/110V AC.
Objectives - 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x.
Model PRM-18 - Latest and most advanced projection microscope with Binocular head with switch over system facilitating observation of specimen through binocular head as well as on the screen.
Objectives - 5x,10x,20x & 40x
Eyepiece - WF 10x paired.

Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope PRM-18

Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope PRM-18
Same as Specification

Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope PRM-18T

Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope PRM-18T
Sugar Crystal Measuring Microscope is with ProgRes CMOS Camera a versatile instrument of universal applications, designed for all stages of demonstration, measurements, checking, counting & comparison in Science Labs, Textile Production, Medical & Agricultural Fields. It's compact, dust proof construction, light weight, functional design & quality optical components make it a useful instrument in the respective fields. All Microscopes are designed as convenient table models for continuous use in normal room light conditions. All controls are laid out for rational working. The test object, projected on to the screen in the desired magnification, can be analysed, measured & compared by a observer or by small groups. The adjustment of the Microscope requires a very few operations so that the user is free to concentrate his efforts upon observation of the specimen.