Abrasive Machine

Abrasive Cut-Off Machine RACM-55 Series

Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine can be used to cut various metal or non-metal specimens (select different cutting disc according to different materials) so as to observe the Metallographic and lithofacies structure. The machine features high performance, low noise and high finish of specimen cutting sections, etc. The machine has nice appearance and it is easy to oprate safely and reliably. It is the ideal and nacessary specimen preparation instrument used in factories, scientific research institutes and colleges etc.

Abrassive Cut-Off Machine RACM-55 Series
Technical Specifications : -
  1. Maximum Cutting Section:- 55mmx55mm
  2. Abrasive Wheel:- Ø250mm
  3. Rotating Speed:- 2800 rpm
  4. Motor:- 2HP, 1.5kw
  5. Power Supply:- 3 phase, AC 380V 50Hz

Abrasive Machine RACM-80 Series

Sturdy Floor Model Cutter for sectioning metals ceramic and mineral samples
Abrasive Machine RACM-80
  1. Cutting capacity upto 80mm
  2. Spindle Speed 2000r.p.m. and cut-off wheel dia-12".
  3. 7.5HP, 3 Phase Motor.
  4. Cooling with high flow water jets to provide optimum cooling.
  5. Re-circulation coolant tank with 20 ltr. Capacity.
  6. Swivel Type Self Centering Steel Wise.
  7. X & Y Movement.
  8. T-slot bed.
  9. Lighting facility in working area.

Note :- Available in Mild Steel & Stainless Steel on customer's requirement.
Dimensions :- 650mm (W) × 800mm (D) × 1450mm (H) (approx.) Weight 250Kg. (approx.)

Abrasive Cut Off Machine RACM-80 Series

Abrasive Cut off machine is equipped with big cutting room and movable T shape work table. There for this machine has the ability of cutting rectangle and large specimens.Also the equipped separate type vice is very convenientfor operator to clamp various heterotypic work pieces.
Technical specifications
Various cutting data can be displayed on high definition backlight type LCD screen.
Cutting diameter:- 80mm
Abrasive Cut Off Machine RACM-80
Equipped with 60L cooling liquid water tank.
Non-burning loss swing type cutting means that improved the cutting quality
Automatic withdraw function after cutting is finished
Bidirectional feeding means increase the length of deep cutting
Cutting speed:- 2.25, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15mm/min.
Cutting Disc rotating speed:- 2100rpm
Cutting Disc specification:- 350 x 2.5 x 32mm
Display:- LCD with high resolution backlit dot matrix
Power:- three phases with four cables, 380V, 50Hz.
Dimensions:- 930 x 700 x 610mm
Net weight:- 220 KG

Abrasive Cut Off Machine RACM-4 Series

The machine is suitable for cutting general irregular metallurgical sample materials in order to observe the material microstructure. This machine adopted by double cover fully enclosed structure. It guarantees to cutting samples under absolute security condition. Equipped cooling system can clear up the heat produced during cutting so that it will avoid the metallographic structure deforming of specimen because of heating influence. It is the necessary specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges.
Abrasive Cut Off Machine RACM-4
Max cutting section - 65mm
Grinding wheel - 250X1.5X32mm
Motor - 1.5kw
Rotating speed - 2800r/min
power supply - 380V,50Hz
Dimension - 990X610X1300mm APPX