Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope

Fibre Optics light
Fibre Optics light
The special characteristics of Zoom Microscope is that one can observe the object in three dimensions within the field of view. It is ideally suited for Industrial as well as for Biological Research where high precision, maximum working distance and large field coverage is required. The flat field parfocal zoom objectives provide continuously variable magnification form 4X to 300X depending upon the eyepieces and auxiliary lenses used.

The Model RSMr-3 Series offer superior quality optics and reliable mechanical components. This exceptional optical quality allows users to perform tasks efficiently and maintaining high productivity. A wide variety of stands and illuminators are available to suit many different applications. These microscopes feature a standard zoom magnification from 8X to 50X, zoom ratio 6.3:1 with standard Eyepieces WF10X/22. The images are sharp, clear, flat and having good resolution contrast even at periphery of field. Binocular Body inclined at 45, for fatigue free viewing, can be rotated a full 360 and locked in any position. Ergonomically positioned bilateral ocular tubes are interlocked for improved Operatability.

Transmitted and Incident lights are built in the stand. The lamps can be switched on separately or together LED.

Wide field Eyepieces WF 10X, WF 15X, WF 20X, Micrometer Eyepiece with different graticule, Auxiliary objectives 0.5X, 1.5X, 2X, Video/CCD Camera with Adapter, with C mount, Digital Camera, CCD Camera with USB Interface, Dark-field stage with Jewel tweezers, Ring Fluorescent Lamps, Fiber Optic Illuminators, Different stands and stages for individual specific application.
10x 15x 20x 30x
    Magnification View Field Magnification View Field Magnification View Field Magnification View Field
/ 115 8-50x Φ27.5-
Φ 4.4
12-75x Φ20-
16-100x Φ15.6-
24-150x Φ8.8-
0.5x 211 4-25x Φ55-
6-37.5x Φ40-
8-50x Φ31.2-
12-75x Φ17.6-
2x 43.5 16-100x Φ13.8-
24-150x Φ10-
32-200x Φ7.8-
48-300x Φ4.4-

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope

At Radical, we are committed to provide you with world class optical system at reasonable prices i.e. a better cost to performance ratio. To fulfil this goal our dedicated R & D Team have introduced a new series of Stereoscopic Microscope RSMr-6, RSMr-8 and RSMr-10. The unmatched optical performance alongwith ergonomic design provides user a comfortable operation and minimum fatigue during long hours of observation. In addition flexible configuration allows easy ungrades through the addition of various accessories.
* Intermediate Modules like Co-axial illuminator, teaching head, drawing tube etc.
* High-eyepoint Eyepieces with built in diopter adjuster brings the image and reticle into focus, making it easier to view images as well as reducing eyestrain
* Low Position Focus Knob, for quick and effortless focusing thus eliminating the need to twist your shoulders while working on samples.
Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope RSMr-10
Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope RSMr-8
Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope RSMr-6
Technical Specification
Descriptions Item Code RSMr-10 RSMr-8 RSMr-6
Optical System Parallel Optics Zoom System
Total Magnification*   4x-480x 4x-378x 4x-200x
Objective Tubes RSAPO  0.5
RSAPO  1.0
RSP      1.5
RSP      2.0
Plan APO  0.5
Plan APO  1.0x
Plan        1.5x
Plan        2.0x
Eyepiece Tubes   Standard Binocular , Low Eye-Level Binocular.
Eyepiece Inclination RSBI
20° (Standard Binocular and Low Eye-Level Binocular)
0°-30°(Tilting Binocular)
Inter-Pupillary Distance   48-75mm.(1.9" - 3.0")
Eye-Pieces with Diopter Adjustment RSE  10
RSE  10i
RSE  15
RSE  20
RSE  30
WF10X (F.N.22)
WF10X (F.N.24)
WF15X (F.N.16)
WF20X (F.N.12.5)
WF30X (F.N.7.0)
Zoom Range   0.8X-8X 0.8X-6.4X 0.8X-5X
Zoom Ratio   1:10 1:8 1/6.3
Illumination Systems RSMLED
Epi-illumination, Incident & Trensmitted LED, Intensity/ Brightness control, Fibre optic light source with single or double flexible light pipes. Co-axial illuminator 12v-100w Halogen circular Fluorescent illuminator.
Stands RSMST
Plan Focusing Stand
Co-axial coarse and fine focusing Stand
Gemological Stand
Camera Attachment RSMP1
Single Camera tube
Double Camera tube
Optional Accessories Dark Filed Attachment, Articulated Stand, Camera System, Analysis Softwares etc.

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope with Fluorescent Attachment

Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope with Fluorescent Attachment
Specification :- Same as above but with Fluorescent Attachment