Inspection Borescope

Inspection Borescope RSB-22

Inspection Borescope RSB-22
Wide Usage :-
  1. Checking for Internal leaks around chimney flashing.
  2. Retrieve a screw lost under the refrigerator.
  3. Reading the Model Number off a furnace fan motor.
  4. Checking the teeth on a kitchen garbage disposal.
And More ...
  1. Reading the service tag on a hard-to-reach equipments
  2. Examining AC coils in a residential furnace.
  3. Checking Cold Air Return for debris.
  4. Checking sink connections in a crowded sink space.
  5. Inspection Borescope RSB-22
  6. Inspection Camera with 2" color TFT-LCD Monitor
  7. Three bright LED lights.
  8. Inspecting inside of 2" heat exchanger tube (boiler)
  9. Finding Romex installed in a closed wall cavity.
  10. Checking for lint buildup past the primary filter in a dryer.
  11. Checking the gas connections under an installed stove.
  12. Mini High Resolution waterproof Camera with 800mm flexible tube.
  13. With build in batteries