Portable Borescope

Portable Borescope RSB-30

Portable Borescope RSB-30
  1. Palm size and hand-hold design for professionals, easy to carry and operate.
  2. Display:- 2.5 inch TFT color LCD display, it can show clear image that fits any place to use
  3. Image Resolution:- 640 x 480
  4. Video in: video in x 1 ( BNC connector )
  5. Power out: DC power out x 1( support CCD camera of power source / Max electric currency 350mA )
  6. System format: NTSC / PAL
  7. Status indicator: 2 LED( Power IN = Green / Charging IN = Red )
  8. Power source: built-in rechargeable Lithium battery( 3.7V 2000mA ), external power( DV 5V 2A adapter )
  9. Each 2 hours recharge durables 4.5 ~ 5 work hours
  10. Operation temperature: 0 ~ 60
  1. Please connect video signal connector to the BNC socket at the top of the mainframe; then turn on the power by the side switch of the mainframe. It will show the video image on the screen.
  2. It can also use for video output to camera system equipment through the power outlet cable.
  3. Power on and off
    - Turn the power on by side switch. It shows on when the green light shines.
    - It shows power off when the green light is off.
  4. Introductions to front of Mainframe:
    - Power on when green light is on; power off when green light off.
    - Plugging adaptor to power recharge, the red light will be on until the power is full.
  5. Introductions to top of Mainframe: Import video image through BNC terminal. Export video image to monitor through video out slot