The D-Light Duo surgical headlamp has been developed especially for use during surgery, where a (True color) bright light, with minimized shadows is a basic need, especially for deep cavity surgeries.
The portable micro-surgery Head-Lights provide true color and consistent long lasting illumination. They combine total freedom of motion with full functionality.
Thus, these headlamps are guaranteed to improve your work efficiency and personal comfort. Owing to the minimal size and weight they are not experienced as a disturbance, and due to extreme, true color brightness, everything just seems that much clearer.

This light is a true Delight:
• Line-of-sight lighting & 70% shadow reduction!
Where until now this could only be achieved by multiple overhead surgery lighting, for the first time, the D-Light Duo offers a comfortable, shadowless LED headlight.

Bio Safe Cabinet
• 2 x LEDs working as One!
Using a combination of 2 ultra-bright LED lamps on an ergonomically developed hinge system, the D-Light Duo is the Surgical Head-Light of the future.
• Cool Lamp:
Especially developed for the medical professional, all D-Light LED head-lamps utilize a special cooling system ensuring the lamp part does not get too hot to touch.
A Shadowless headlight system utilizing revolutionary features:
Uniquely developed for the D-Light Duo LED, these adjustments provide a highly accurate positioning of the individual LED lamps along your direct line-of-sight. This results in the best possible lighting of your work area.
A: Adjustable declination angle: Direct the light to your working area
A+: Flip-Up: Flip-Up the lamp out of sight if not needed
B: Adjustable Convergence angle: For working at different distances.
C: Adjustable pupil distance: Position each ocular exactly above your eyes so the light is in your line-of-sight.
Where you look is where the light goes!
• 70% shadow reduction
• Line-of-sight lighting
• Ultra bright (150K lux)
• Unique hinge mount system
• Sharp Edge lit area
• Easily adjustable - Multi-user friendly
• Light weight: 25 gram
• Long-Life Li-polymer Power Pack: 7-10 hours usage on one charge
• True color: 6000 K
• Power level indication: 5 step indication
The D-Light Duo headlight is available in two general variations:
1. Stand Alone: Use the D-Light as a standalone lamp only version, without loupes, on any of our frames or special mounts (like a head-band or clip-on attachment).
2. Loupes mount: Connects onto your loupes with an easy clip-on/off (Connection parts for other brands are available).
The D-Light Duo can be used with 3 types of Power pack set ups:
1. Single (XL) power-pack D-Light Duo: up to 8 hours of usage on one charge.
2. Double (small) power-pack: up to 10 hours of usage on one charge.
3. Double XL power-pack: up to 15 hours of usage on one charge.
D-Light Duo: Lamp D-Light Duo: Power Pack
Weight: LED/Total 5gram/25 gram Continuous power 5–8 hours *
Brightness 150.000 Lux* Time to fully charge 5-6 Hours
Color temperature 6000 K Power supply AC 110V/240V
Bulb life time 6000 hours Weight 177gram
Size of LED/Total 21 x 16mm/87x31x18mm Size 92 x 45 x 21mm
Length of wire 40–70–140–170cm Length of power cable 125cm
* Measured at 100mm
** Depending on used light intensity
Included in the basic D-light set:
• Black carrying case
• Rechargeable Power Pack
• Frame / Clip-On / Loupes connection –any one option will be included.
• Anti curing UV filter
• Adjustment Key
• Power Supply
Optional Accessories can be included at an extra cost such as:
• Extra single XL power pack
• Extra double (small) power pack (set of 2)
• Extra double (XL) power pack (set of 2)
• Extra UV filter for head-light(set of 2)
• Additional head-strap for standard frames
• Additional head-strap for frames with anti-slip arms
• Hard aluminum carrying case (replacing the standard canvas case)
• Large metal case for light on headband.
• Large metal case for light with loupes.