The new slim prism loupes offer the high power of prismatic loupes, combined with the light weight and flexibility one would normally expect from the Galilean loupes.

• The new slim design is smaller and lighter.
• Ultra light weight
• Maximum ease of use
• Available in a variety of working distances to fit each individual’s needs –340mm, 420mm, 500mm and, 550mm.
• Multi-coated precision lenses
• Fully adjustable
• Different color options in loupes are available- Black/Silver
• A wide range of options in frames are available- Metal spectacle frames (black, silver), Classic safety frames (white), Sporty frames (grey/black/red/blue), Trendy Frames (black/red), Flex safety frames (black, blue, grey, metal).
Bio Safe Cabinet
• Magnification: 4.0X
• Working distance: 300mm – 600mm
• Wide focus field: Up to 70mm
• Deep focus field: Up to 40mm
• Light weight: As little as 65 grams
• Viewing angle: 0 – 45°
• Pupil distance : 46mm – 70mm
• Prescription lenses: Possible
Included in the basic loupe set:
• Black carrying case
• Light-weight metal frame
• Side shields
• Flip-up handle
• Head strap
• Micro-fiber cloth
• Screwdriver
• Calibration target and User guide
Optional Accessories can be included at an extra cost such as:
• Head-light
• Extra power pack for the D-light
• UV filter for D-light
• Additional lens cover (set of 2)
• Additional set of side shields (for spectacle frame type)
• Additional flip-up handle
• Additional head-strap for standard frames
• Additional head-strap for frames with anti-slip arms
• Hard aluminum carrying case (replacing the standard canvas case)
• Large metal case for headband.