These loupes are designed for optical ergonomic comfort. The prismatic lenses provide an extra wide field of view, combined with an extra deep focus range.
The high power magnification is for the specialist who needs high accuracy and clear vision.

• Ultra-light weight
• Maximum ease of use
• Available in a variety of working distances to fit each individual’s needs –340mm,   420mm, 500mm and, 550mm.
• Multi-coated precision lenses
• Fully adjustable
• Different color options in loupes are available- Black/ Silver
• A wide range of options in frames are available- Metal spectacle frames (black, silver), Classic safety frames (white), Sporty frames (grey/black/red/blue), Trendy Frames (black/red), Flex safety frames (black, blue, grey, metal).
Bio Safe Cabinet
• Magnification: 6.0X
• Working distance: 300mm – 600mm
• Wide focus field: Up to 55mm
• Deep focus field: Up to 25mm
• Light weight: As little as 84.5 grams
• Viewing angle: 0 – 45°
• Pupil distance : 48mm – 80mm
• Prescription lenses: Possible
Included in the basic loupe set:
• Black carrying case
• Light-weight metal frame
• Side shields
• Flip-up handle
• Head strap
• Micro-fiber cloth
• Screwdriver
• Calibration target and User guide
Optional Accessories can be included at an extra cost such as:
• Head-light
• Extra power pack for the D-light
• UV filter for D-light
• Additional lens cover (set of 2)
• Additional set of side shields (for spectacle frame type)
• Additional flip-up handle
• Additional head-strap for standard frames
• Additional head-strap for frames with anti-slip arms
• Hard aluminum carrying case (replacing the standard canvas case)
• Large metal case for headband.