Special Purpose Optical Microscope

Measuring Microscope RTM-100

This measurement microscope is a heavy duty industrial instrument. This microscope is well suited for wide range of metallurgical or industrial observation and measurement application as well as high resolution photo/video microscope. Microscope delivers crisp, distortion-free, high resolution images in bright field mode.
- X- Y measuring stage 125x125mm on ball bearing. Easy measurement operation is achieved through most precise Standard Micrometer 0-25mm (Least Count 0.01mm).
Measuring Microscope RTM-100
- Heavy Duty Rugged Design.
- Optics can be released or lower to fit odd specimen.
- Powerful LED incident (Reflected) illumination with variable intensity controller.
- Coarse and fine focussing control.
- Halogen incident illuminator with two filters (Blue and Green) and variable intensity control.
- Monocular Viewing Head at convenient angle.
- Wide Field High Eye point Eyepiece 10X with Cross.
- S. Plan Episcopic Metallurgical Objective: 3x, 4x and 10x.
- In House Calibration Certificate.

Sieves Digital Microscopes RSP-90

Measurement range of the instrument is 1 micron to 4mm with 0.01 accuracy. This instrument is particularly designed keeping in view the job size. Along with the microscope, 2 Nos. Calibration Slides will be provided.
Microscope consisting of following:
1) Microscope body for coarse and fine adjustments.
2) Trinocular head for both visual and camera observations.
3) Special base to accommodate jobs with Incident halogen Illuminator & Intensity Control Knobs.
4) Objectives:
a) 2x for 1mm & 2mm samples/parts
b) 4x
c) 10x for intermediate sample/part
d) 20x plan for 5 micron samples/parts
5) Micrometer slide 0.1mm
6) Micrometer slide 0.01mm
7) Procam 5 MP Digital Color CMOS Camera and VT Size 7.0 Software.
CMOS sensor

Sieves Digital Microscopes RSP-90
Resolution 5.0MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels
Sensor Model MT9P001
Sensor Size 5.7mm (H) x 4.28mm (V) 1/2.5
Pixel Size 2.2um x 2.2um
SN Ratio 45db
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Image Data Format 8 bit RAW format
Operating Mode Continuous output
Scanning Mode Progressive Scan
Frame rate 8fps at 2592 x 1944 pixels 30fps at 640 x 480 pixels
Data interface USB 2.0
Optical interface C-mount
Power 110 to 220V
Operating temperature 0 to 60C
Weight 250g.

VT Size 7.0 Image Analysis Software
This software is designed for image acquisition, annotation, enhancement, and measurements with statistical processing of the measure data. The series of images can be acquired, analyzed and saved within the same document.
VT-Size 7.0 Main Functions:
B/w or color image acquisition with CCD / digital cameras (including 10, 12, 16 bit), scanner, open from files, paste from the clipboard.
Ability to work with series of images and analysis results within one document. Convenient switching between images and data. Save series of images and data to the same document.
Ability to display the images in different false color palettes. Image enhancement with filters. Image annotation (text, graphics), moving, copying, rotating of outlined image area, zooming in and out, exchanging of graphics between images.
Automatic stitching of images.
Ability to obtain a resultant sharp image from the series of images acquired with various focus depth. Manual measurements (linear, angle, radiuses, distance between two parallel lines, etc.), count objects. All measure data are displayed in the spreadsheets.
Automatic measurement of the areas (objects) manually outlined. Statistical treatment of the measurement results, data export to MS Excel.
Ability to create multi-page reports.
Save and print images and analysis results.
Built-in image database with easy-to-use and powerful filtering abilities can store images, analysis results (objects, measurements, comments) and supporting text information.
VT Size 7.0 has user-friendly interface, flexibility, and provides high speed of image processing.

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope RTC-1P

Small hand-held portable microscope, simple operation, good performance and high-definition optical images. Liquid samples can also be observed, being inverted designed microscope. Compact designing, owned power supply, eassy to carry out to take wildlife observation and inspect protozoa in factory effluent and microbiology illuminator can be adjusted detached very easily.
Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope RTC-1P
Eyepiece - 10x/18
Nosepiece - Triple Nosepiece
Objectives - 4x/N.A.0.08, Working Distance 16
                      10x/N.A.0.25, Working Distance 3.6
                      40x/N.A.0.0.6, Working Distance 1.6
Stage - Plain stage size 45x55mm, with clear aperture of 42mm.with slide clips
Illumination - 0.1W LED Illumination(Rechargeable)
Range of vertical Stroke - 1.6mm. Upand 1.0mm Down
Dimensions - 40mm.x140mm.x180mm.Netweght 1kg. Supplied complete in a wooden carrying case with charger and operating instructions.

Sitting Saw Inspection Microscope RMM-9

Specification Continue.......
Sitting Saw Inspection Microscope RMM-9

Portable Handheld Metallurgical Microscope RMM-5A

RMM-5A is a self-contained Portable Metallurgical Microscope, ideally used for inspecting metallography of metals in Laboratories, in situ, in field, etc. The Microscope is compact in size, Handheld design (nett weight 2.250 Kg.), with unique magnetic stand. It can be attracted / fixed up against the surface of ferrous metal on any type of complicated surface. Polished surface area can be viewed with this instrument at different magnifications. All objectives are centered and parfocalised. The Microscope can also be used with digital camera or CCD image process system, to download metallurgical images to PC for data transfer, analysis, storage, printouts etc.
Portable Handheld Metallurgical Microscope RMM-5A
Standard magnification - 40x to 400x
Objectives - M4x,M10x,M20x & M40x.
Eyepieces - WF 10x (High Eye - Point) Micrometer eyepiece WF 10x, with calibration slide 1/100mm.
Illuminator - 6V/3Watt., incident light through Epi-Illuminator with rechargeable battery pack etc. 110/220Volt AC.
The Magnetic stand can hold the microscope & camera on any ferrous surface with ON/OFF switch. Detachable specimen locating device with a cross disc is also provided. A set of two filters in mount, 3 spare bulbs, vinyl cover and operating instructions, are supplied complete in a wooden storing cabinet.
Optional Accessories:
Grain Size Comparision Eyepiece WF 10x Fillar - Micrometer Measuring Eyepiece 10x Measurement Software VT Size 5.0 (from RADICAL / VideoTest). Digital camera 12 Mega Pixels, optical zoom 5x with adopter etc.

Stereo Microscope RSM-1M

Stereo Microscope RSM-1M
This is for dissection/inspection uses for every student of Biology. Comprising of Magnetic base stand with flexible arm. Binocular Head having interpupillary adjustment, focussing by rack pinion complete in a thermocol box.
Observation Head :- Straight Binocular head with interpupillary adjustment & hand grip. Fixed Ach.
Objective :- 2x W.F.
Eyepieces :- 10x
Magnification :- 20x.

Catalyst Inspection Light Box

Catalyst Inspection Light Box
Consisting of the following for the inspection of catalyst upto the diameter of 350 mm. Light box : size 500x500x600 mm. fitted with temered glass & frosted glass, on aluminium casted frame. Bulb 24V-250 watt with protecting fuse, cooling fan, transformer & light intensity control regulator. Two frosted glass plate for inspection.
Four aperture plates for obstructing side lights, as per requirement.
Heat resistant glass,flexible arm MAGNIFIER, size of lens 150 mm.
Instrument constructed from optical glass parts, thick gauge metal sheet.