Postmortem Autopsy Table

Postmortem Autopsy Table RSPA-3

Postmortem Autopsy Table RSPA-3
These tables are manufactured using high quality raw materials. These are fabricated using 304 types of stainless steel, which offers easy to
clean, hygienic platform for performing autopsies. These are efficient in providing a smooth working surface to the pathologists.
  • Frame work constructed with heavy duty stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean, hygienic platform for performing postmortem
  • Mounted on heavy duty PCV rubber stumps
  • Over all size: - 2000(L) x 800(W) x 850(H) mm.
  • Postmortem Autopsy Table RSPA-3S

    Postmortem Autopsy Table RSPA-3S
  • Large radius inside corners for easy clean up
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel & conveniences and state-of-the-art engineering.
  • Mounted on stainless steel tubular stand for providing maximum efficiency.
  • Provided with two body-supports of width 6" and head rest.
  • Chrome plated swing spout mixing faucet for hot and cold water and lever handle for waste & drain along with deep & large s. s. sink.
  • Table length 91"-Width 30"- height 36" approx
  • Postmortem Autopsy Table RSPA-3SD

    Postmortem Autopsy Table RSPA-3SD
  • These are specially designed for all kinds of postmortem work.
  • The construction of these tables incorporates state-of-the-art engineering, heavy gage stainless steel and conveniences.
  • Autopsy stainless steel table mounted on stainless steel tubular stand.
  • Scientifically designed for maximum efficiency.
  • Large radius inside corners for easy clean up.
  • Engrave measurement scale on one side for easy measurement of cadaver.
  • Provided with Two Nos 6" wide body-supports (S.Steel) removable type, six position head rest, crusher (grinder/aspirator) for disposal, chrome plated swing spout mixing faccuet for hot and cold water, lever handle for waste/drain and deep & large S. S. Sink with overflow.
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