Video Inspection Boroscope

Video Inspection Boroscope RSB-20M

Video Inspection Boroscope RSB-20M
RSB-20M is a Video Inspection Boroscope. It is a CCD camera not CMOS, very sharp image. It is specially designed for pipe and wall activities such as pipe inspection and wall inspection. It is a professional, complete video camera system for sewer drain pipe snake inspection as well as other applications that not reached by human eyes.

  1. High-quality CCD color video camera with 1/3" Sharp CCD.
  2. Waterproof camera with waterproof metal body
  3. Bright illuminated LEDs for working under totally darkness.
  4. 20m (66ft) heavy-duty srigid nake anti-corrosion cable.
  5. 7" TFT LCD color monitor with sunvisor for bright outside environment.
  6. 12VDC/4.5AH/20HR re-chargable battery with AC adpter charger.
  7. Can be operated both by battery or AC power.
  8. Metal carry case for easy transportation.
Camera Specifications:-
Video Inspection Boroscope RSB-20M
  1. Image sensor: 1/3" Sharp color CCD
  2.  Diameter of camera 22 mm
  3. Color system: PAL/NTSC both available
  4. Effective pixels: 628x582(PAL)/628x512(NTSC)
  5. Horizontal resolution: 420TVL
  6. While Balance: auto
  7. AGC: Auto
  8. Angle of view: 92°
  9. Number illuminated LEDs: 8 pcs
  10. Operation temp: -20~+75 RH95% Max.
  11. Storage tempe: -40~+85 RH95% Max.
  12. Rigid snake cable length: 20M (66ft)
Monitor Specifications:
Video Inspection Boroscope RSB-20M
  1. New TFT LCD panel, high brightness and contrast.
  2. Display diagnal size: 7".
  3. Display mode: 16:9.
  4. Contrast: 300:1.
  5. Resolution: 320×240, 640×480 .
  1. Blocked / Slow Draining Plumbing.
  2. Wall / Wire Inspection
  3. Home Owners Inspection